Shena Jackson

Founding Partner & Director

Meet Shena

Shena Jackson is a creative and entrepreneurial spirit who brings wide-ranging experience and a diverse and unique skill set to jacksonwall. Backed by extensive experience in marketing, event management, property development and sales.

She is passionate about her work and her open approach and exceptional designer skills make her a ‘natural’ for real estate marketing and sales. A qualified interior designer, she is a perpetual renovator who is always thinking about sales points and assessing property potential down to the smallest detail.

As part of our unique service and to ensure that the property goes to the market styled completely inside and out, Shena is only too happy to offer a full styling service with any jacksonwall property listing, on request.

Her lifelong passion and experience with horses has contributed to her deep understanding of the equine industry and designing and selling equine properties has also become her specialty.

Whilst Shena works across our full spectrum of sales strategies, her specialty is Off-Market sales.

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